ABOUT Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that uses natural pigments to enhance facial features and create a long-lasting, effortlessly beautiful look.

At Inspire Beauty, founder and skilled practitioner Rachel Lyall specialises in semi-permanent makeup, a revolutionary beauty treatment designed to enhance your facial features and simplify your daily routine. By using natural pigments and advanced techniques, Rachel creates a stunning, long-lasting effect that mimics the appearance of makeup.

Our semi-permanent makeup services include microblading for fuller, more defined eyebrows, eyeliner for a captivating gaze, and lip blush for a luscious, youthful pout. Each treatment is carefully tailored to your unique facial structure, skin tone, and preferences, ensuring a personalised and refined look.

Ideal for busy individuals, those with makeup sensitivities, or anyone seeking a low-maintenance beauty routine, semi-permanent makeup at Inspire Beauty lasts from 1 to 3 years, depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. Rachel's expertise and attention to detail help clients regain confidence and achieve a flawless, camera-ready look every day.

Alongside our renowned semi-permanent makeup expertise, we provide a diverse selection of treatments tailored to your individual needs and preferences, including luscious lash extensions, HD brows, and henna brows for a captivating gaze. We also do luxurious facials, such as aromatherapy, deep cleanse steam, and microdermabrasion, designed to reveal your skin's radiant glow. Our waxing and threading services provide a smooth, hair-free finish for all skin types.

In addition, we offer indulgent body treatments, such as traditional full-body massage, aromatherapy massage, and back facials, providing a soothing and revitalising experience for the mind and body. Our beauty training courses ensure that we share our passion and expertise with aspiring beauty professionals.


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